Being Fat Blessed Me


Recently I went on an entertaining read of why I dislike people being so concerned with others weight, particularly about those endowed with a few rolls or stretch marks. Any time I discuss weight, I try to uplift and be realistic but also promote self love. I was inspired to share with you a few reasons why my challenges with weight helped me growing up.

1. FAT BUILDS CHARACTER! The most important advice I could ever give you… Growing up fat or chubby instantly puts eyes on you, often testing your strength. I was thrown to the wolves in grade school, and although it took me a while I eventually learned how to speak up, talk mess, and stand firm in who I was. Words of Wisdom: Think enough of yourself to be your own cheerleader & confidante but don’t think too much of yourself that your ego stifles your growth!

2. FAT RIDS LOSERS! Dating is overrated, especially when you have boys shunning you because you can’t be their personal Kim Kardashian. I avoided MANY jerks once I realized my fat was a personal cock blocker. In HS this popular football player tried to secretly spit game, and put on a charade to his friends like I was a thirst bucket. Enjoy me because I’m pretty/amazing, and not because you are a chubby chaser. I’m not saying everyone who prefers you fit is superficial, but if you can’t see past my size, then we can’t go together. Words of Wisdom: Stop looking for your idea of beauty in others, and relying on the perspective of those whom do or don’t find you attractive.

3. WHY CAN’T WE BE FRIENDS? People will try to convince you that you shouldn’t be happy, comfortable or even confident being pleasantly plump; THEY GOTTA GO! Unlike my non-existent list of boyfriends, my friendships and associates were plentiful. I had to endure friendships were I was talked about behind closed doors, and some that were bold enough to try and embarrass me in public. I had girl friends who pursued my crushes because they discredited my beauty and ability to physically attract guys. Words of Wisdom: Fat slurs are just as important as sexual/gender/racial slurs. Don’t be afraid to axe phony friends because real ones do exist.

4. FAT IS COMEDY! If you can’t beat them with your fist, then join them in laughter and hit them with a few shady punch lines. In 5th grade I decided I’d use my weight to intimidate people. (Now before you laugh this is coming from the mind of a 10-year-old) That lasted until I ran all my real friends away, but I improved on my mama jokes. Words of Wisdom: You don’t have to Chris Brown anyone or become Monique, but learn to laugh at yourself and check people when necessary.

Performing at Xavier University.

Performing at Xavier University.

5. FAT IS A CROWD SILENCER. I loved dancing, and it really became a confidence booster for me. If I had a dime for everyone who assumed I couldn’t physically slay a dance floor because of my weight… you know the rest. It’s a breath of fresh air to see plus size women being their own Sasha Fierce. Watch out for the BIG GIRLS! Monique’s book “Skinny Women Are Evil” taught me: Whatever you do, do it well. Words of Wisdom: Stop letting your weight limit you.

Now go be fabulous in your double digits! If you don’t like what you see when you wake up, change it; just make sure you’re changing personally for the better and not for Social Media likes.