Melanin & Magic Productions is Finding Their Way in the Web Series World.

Black stories and black creators are back like they never left, because they didn’t. We are living in a generation where black creators are no longer waiting for the big production companies, nor household names to extend a hand, and open their doors in order for us to be heard and seen in media. With media outlets like YouTube, Vimeo, Blavity, and more, black stories have found a way to reach the masses beyond traditional film and tv, one click at a time.

This week Afrovocative is highlighting Melanin and Magic Productions creators, Mecca McDonalds and Kyla Sylvers. These two women joined forces to continue broadening the range of black women narratives on screen, as well as on paper. 

“We wanted to make something to fill that void, and it turns out that what we wanted to create took similar shape, thus Melanin And Magic Productions was born.” 

They partnered with Party Blackly to screen the first episode of their new web series, Finding Our Way, and officially aired it this past July. The show stars both Kyla and Mecca, as characters Katherine and Aida; two twenty-something black women navigating adult relationships from their NYC apartment. Their love interest are played by up and coming actors, Doron Mitchell and Aaron Keller. What makes this series special, is behind the camera, the episodes are led by woman directors. Similar to Ava DuVernay’s all-woman directed episodes implemented on her Queen Sugar series, Kyla and Mecca are following in those footsteps by keeping that energy going.

To add to the Melanin and Magic greatness, both founders launched their Couch talk series, where they interview other black women making excellent art to discuss a variety of subjects, and how the path their journey has led them on, personally and professionally.

You can watch the first season of Find Our Way on Youtube here.

Find out more about Melanin and Magic production on their site, or follow via Instagram.

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